Uprooting stumps


If you wish to change the designated use of forested or overgrown land for construction, landscaping, or agricultural purposes, it’s necessary to uproot the stumps after removing the trees.

We use specialized excavator buckets specifically made for stump uprooting, which allows for a cleaner removal of stumps from the ground.

The cleanliness of the stumps is crucial during handling. Since handling sites measure or weigh and price the stumps based on volume, it’s essential to minimize the quantity. Our good partner, “Puidukäitlus”, assists us during the handling of the stumps.

The soil is dense and heavy, and it’s not economical to transport it to a handling site at a cost.


Using a pickaxe for uprooting allows for better removal and crushing of surface roots. Since many trees can regrow from their roots, crushed surface roots won’t sprout new shoots, making subsequent soil maintenance easier.

We use excavators weighing between 14 and 22 tons. Depending on the specific requirements of the project, we can be flexible as we have different types of excavators.

Thanks to our crawler excavator, we can uproot stumps in any weather and even on softer ground.

Additionally, we use a forestry tractor and a truck equipped with a multilift container. With these, we offer stump removal and disposal services, for which we have a waste permit.


In addition, we carry out the transport of branches and stumps.

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